Tahoe Crown GT

Warhammer ITC Grand Tournament

 This is the first annual Warhammer 40k grand tournament to be held at the historic Tahoe Biltmore Casino in Crystal Bay, NV.  

This will be a 5 round, 40 player ITC Grand Tournament to take place on Saturday and Sunday.  In addition, we are considering holding a smaller 20 man RTT to be on Sunday.

Trophies and prize support will be available.

Tickets will be $40 for the entire weekend, which includes entry in the tournament and free sodas and coffee in the bar.  Yes, you heard that right.  The conference room includes a bar with a bartender (21yrs and older for alcoholic drinks.  Yes you will get carded!)

Tickets will be available on the BCP app.

Lodging provided in the Historic Tahoe Biltmore resort.  Reservations can be made at tahoebiltmore.com 


Prize support will be provided by Games Workshop and facilitated through our sponsor Matrix Cards and Games in Redding, CA.  In addition, Matrix providing all the top-notch terrain and battle mats.  A mighty thanks to Alan and Terri Hutchek for their support for this Warhammer 40k tournament.  Lastly, we are grateful for the organizational support of Pipes of Pan Productions 

Our Judges

Judging for our event will be a pair of well-known veteran gamers from Northern California.  John Bontadelli and Mason Vasquez